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Power to Heal: The Fight for Healthcare Justice

archive & Post-Production manager: kaia rose

Power to Heal is a PBS documentary about how Medicare was used to desegregate American hospitals in 1966.  It is currently in post-production and I am managing all archive material for the hour-long film as well as managing the post-production process, assisting with editing, and doing archive research.  The film is directed by Daniel Loewenthal and produced by Barbara Berney.

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A Time Traveller's Guide To Bristol

Produced by kaia rose and hilary light

A Time Traveller's Guide to Bristol is an extensive digital archive project that included short films, a website and an iPhone app produced at ArthurCox studios in Bristol, England.  I first assisted Hilary Light in the producing of this project, including archive research, digitizing archive content with a Steenbeck machine, handling releases, and liaising with archives such as the BBC and Bristol Record Office.  After the launch of the initial project, I took over producing duties and handled the funding and production for an additional film focused on Bristol Zoo.  For this we did a call-out to the community for personal archive footage and were overwhelmed by the response!  We added the content to the website and produced an additional film to premiere at the Bristol Zoo as part of their centenary celebrations.