An evening with John Williams and Gustavo Santaolalla?? Yes please.

It just so happened that the day my mom and I planned to pay a visit to LACMA (a belated birthday present from me and my bro, we are good children), was the same day that LACMA was to play host to Gustavo Dudamel, Gustavo Santaolalla and the legendary John Williams for "Behind the Score: the Art of the Film Composer".  Despite the fact that Tavis Smiley spent too much time talking about himself and his ideas rather than inciting interesting conversation from his guests, the three composers shared some enlightening ideas with us.  My favourite quote came from Gustavo Dudamel, "Every note is a universe."  We also learned how to pronounce Santaolalla, something I've been struggling for years with: SANTA-O-LA-YA.  Say that ten times fast.

Kaia RoseComment