I find that I am most attentive to the world around me when looking through the lens of a camera.  Over the years I have won several photography competitions and even had my photographs published in an obscure Italian novel. I am at my happiest when behind the camera on some sort of adventure in a new country.




35mm Film

I recently found my mom's Rollei 35 film camera, which for a while was the smallest full-frame 35mm camera on the market.  There's a specific kind of discipline that comes with shooting film and a special kind of magic when you finally get to see the results.


From digital media zones at the World Bank to climate conferences in Marrakech to behind the scenes on film shoots and theatre performances, I have to be there with my camera clicking away.  I also work as a freelance photographer for the photo marketing company LA Photo Party, a gig that has sent me to Chicago, Atlanta, Miami, New Orleans, Washington DC, New York City, and Milan, Italy.

Some of my images have been tweeted by influential figures at the UNFCCC and World Bank as well as used as official photographs on websites such as the World Bank and Connect4Climate.

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Candid photography is where I feel most at home.  It's a magical feeling to capture the inner experience of someone by catching them at an unexpected moment when they are not performing but rather exposing some aspect of themselves they don't usually show.


365 Days / 365 Photos

For one year, I undertook a photo challenge with my brother (also a photographer) where we took one photo every day for a year.  The result is a compilation of the extraordinary and the mundane and from our combined collection, we created a self-published book.

Lego Spaceman Goes on Holiday

One summer, a 1980s Lego Spaceman showed up and accompanied me on a road trip around the USA.  He asked me if I would memorialize his adventures in a classic holiday photo album....so I did.