Aarhus Convention 

directed, EDITED & FILMED BY KAIA ROSE, animatION by dani tinez

Connect4Climate was invited to create a video for the 20th Anniversary of the UN Aarhus Convention that tapped into the essence of what the Aarhus Convention is about: environmental democracy.  Using the key themes that underline the Convention's work, the team created a script and invited Salina Abraham to star in this atmospheric journey through what it means to be connected to your environment and have a voice in the decision-making process.  We shot it over two days in New York City and it was showcased at the 20th Anniversary event in Italy.

Carbon Pricing Leadership Coalition

written & directed BY KAIA ROSE, animated by dani tinez

The Carbon Pricing Leadership Coalition (CPLC) at the World Bank had an archive of interviews with leaders from around the world talking about carbon pricing and they needed to pull these together in a creative way for a new video series.  I created a script from this collection of interviews and collaborated with animator Dani Tinez on the visual style and animatic/storyboard, working with him all the way through the animation process.

The Global Environment Facility - 6th Assembly Recap & GEF Small Grants Programme promo


The Connect4Climate team was invited to Da Nang, Vietnam to amplify the important messages coming out of the 6th Global Environment Facility (GEF) Assembly.  Alongside a full Digital Media Zone, I filmed and edited a recap video and accompanied the GEF CEO on a visit to a Land Crab Conservation project on Cham Island.

Our Climate - Putting a Price On It: NY State


Climate Countdown and Our Climate are collaborating on a series of short videos that highlights different state carbon pricing campaigns underway across the country.  NY State is the first one to be produced, starring young climate leader Zina Precht-Rodriquez, focusing on two pieces of legislation the coalition NY Renews is working to pass through the state legislature.  This video received over 11,000 views on Facebook and we're looking forward to creating more.

Innovate4Climate - 2018 Conference Promo & Recap


Along with my colleagues at Connect4Climate, we worked with the team at the World Bank who were organizing the 2018 Innovate4Climate conference to create an animated promotional video in the months preceding and a full recap video after the conference ended.



As part of the Connect4Climate team at the World Bank, I've created a slate of promotional videos to help raise awareness about our different initiatives: All4theGreen, Uniting4Climate, Fashion4Climate, Film4Climate, Sport4Climate, Youth4Climate, and more.  These videos include a mix of footage I’ve shot with clips from our archive.  I also put together an annual recap video showcasing the incredible work Connect4Climate does to accelerate climate action.

Muthaland - World Premiere promo

directed, EDITED & filmed BY KAIA ROSE

Muthland is a one-woman show written and performed by Chicago-based artist Minita Gandhi.  By weaving her family's stories with her own life-changing journey to India in 2009 for her brother’s arranged marriage, Muthaland shares the magic of Minita’s journey to India, full of prophets, ritual, the convergence of American and Indian cultures and finding one’s own voice within a culture of silence.  The world premiere runs Aug 31 – Oct 7, 2017 at the 16th St Theater.  

Dead Pan Alley Productions - Adventure Capital Kickstarter video

Directed, edited & filmed by kaia rose

Adventure Capital is a series about a disgraced Wall Street Analyst who decides to exploit Nerd Culture for his own profit.  Dead Pan Alley brought me on to create this video for what resulted in a successful crowd-funding campaign to raise $17,000 for their pilot episode.  The pilot is currently in production. - Climate, Jobs & Justice NYC Forum

directed, edited & filmed BY KAIA ROSE

As part of 350's Divest New York movement, I was asked to film a Forum where the New York City Advocate and Comptroller were invited to talk to citizens about the city's commitment to divest from fossil fuels.  After filming the 3 hour event along with interviews, I edited together a video that told the story of the evening and was used by 350 to promote their Divestment campaign.

Electric Shadow Company - Making of The Fold

Directed, edited & filmed by kaia rose

A feature film shot in the UK, The Fold is about Anglican priest Rebecca Ashton who, struggling with her grief,  tries to replace her deceased daughter with another girl.   I accompanied the production on location in Cornwall and Bristol as a one-woman band, conducting and filming all interviews myself and then creating two Behind-the-Scenes films for the London-based production house, Electric Shadow Company.


ArthurCox - Making of 8 minutes idle

directed and edited by kaia rose

Based upon Matt Thorne's award-winning novel about life in a call centre, 8 minutes idle is a warped urban comedy about what it really means to put your life 'on hold'.  This low budget feature was produced by Sarah Cox and directed by Mark Simon Hewis, funded as part of Creative England's iFeatures scheme.  The film was shot entirely on location in Bristol and I joined them on set to create the official Behind-the-Scenes film.

ArthurCox - Making of A Time Traveller's Guide to Bristol

directed and edited by kaia rose

A Time Traveller's Guide to Bristol is a digital archive project produced by ArthurCox that focuses on seven locations in the city of Bristol, looking at how they've evolved over the last 100 years.  Drawing upon footage found in the BBC archives, the Bristol City Council Archives and donated by the citizens of Bristol, this was a unique and extensive project that deserved a comprehensive Behind-the-Scenes film.