Connect4Climate - #All4theGreen Week Bologna & UN Ocean Week New York

directed, EDITED & filmed BY KAIA ROSE

As a consultant for Connect4Climate at the World Bank, I have created almost 80 videos for them to use in promoting climate action.  This video was compiled from footage shot in Bologna during All4theGreen Week and footage I filmed at the United Nations during the Ocean Conference.  It is hosted on the World Bank Youtube channel and was screened at the United Nations as part of Italy's presentation on their SDG progress.

Dead Pan Alley Productions - Adventure Capital Kickstarter video

Directed, edited & filmed by kaia rose

Adventure Capital is a series about a disgraced Wall Street Analyst who decides to exploit Nerd Culture for his own profit.  Dead Pan Alley brought me on to create this video for what resulted in a successful crowd-funding campaign to raise $17,000 for their pilot episode.  The pilot is currently in production.

Electric Shadow Company - Making of The Fold

Directed, edited & filmed by kaia rose

A feature film shot in the UK, The Fold is about Anglican priest Rebecca Ashton who, struggling with her grief,  tries to replace her deceased daughter with another girl.   I accompanied the production on location in Cornwall and Bristol as a one-woman band, conducting and filming all interviews myself and then creating two Behind-the-Scenes films for the London-based production house, Electric Shadow Company.


ArthurCox - Making of 8 minutes idle

directed and edited by kaia rose

Based upon Matt Thorne's award-winning novel about life in a call centre, 8 minutes idle is a warped urban comedy about what it really means to put your life 'on hold'.  This low budget feature was produced by Sarah Cox and directed by Mark Simon Hewis, funded as part of Creative England's iFeatures scheme.  The film was shot entirely on location in Bristol and I joined them on set to create the official Behind-the-Scenes film.

Bristol Film Office - Filming in Bristol

directed, edited & filmed by kaia rose

Bristol is one of the best shooting locations in the UK but it was somewhat of a well-kept secret before the Bristol Film Office began promoting their work in the region.  As someone who lived in Bristol for seven years, I was proud to show off what this great British city can offer to filmmakers.

ArthurCox - Making of A Time Traveller's Guide to Bristol

directed and edited by kaia rose

A Time Traveller's Guide to Bristol is a digital archive project produced by ArthurCox that focuses on seven locations in the city of Bristol, looking at how they've evolved over the last 100 years.  Drawing upon footage found in the BBC archives, the Bristol City Council Archives and donated by the citizens of Bristol, this was a unique and extensive project that deserved a comprehensive Behind-the-Scenes film.