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Short Films


Short Films


The Hafiz Project - The Brilliance of Your Own Being

Edited by Kaia Rose & eric mann

In August of 2017, I traveled to Wyoming for the Great American Eclipse to film an installment of the Hafiz Project, a series of short films created by Eric Mann where each one visualizes a poem written by the Sufi Master Hafiz. This short features my telling of The Brilliance of Your Own Being and won in its category at the Best Shorts Competition as well as being chosen for the IMDb Independent Shorts Award. 

This is the Beginning, from I to We


The Grapes of Wrath by John Steinbeck is one of my favourite books and this excerpt is just as relevant today as it was when it was written. This is a very personal piece, created with my brother and using the voices and moving portraits of us, our parents, Valerie Brinton and George Reid, and our dear friends Jeff & Carey McKinnon to tell this story. The locations we used are around the area in Southern California where we grew up, including the train tracks on the Carpinteria Bluffs where we used to play.

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Edited by Kaia Rose

Sizemic is a SAG short film written and executive produced by Anna Megan Becker and Unreel Films and directed by Eric Mann about a model who is accidentally given the wrong check from a photoshoot.  We recently finished post-production and are in the process of getting it ready for festivals.

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Game Night

Edited by Kaia Rose

Who Killed Mr. Yashida? A Simple Game of Clue evolves into a real Murder Mystery.  Two couples gather for a casual night of board games, but things quickly go awry as one player uses the game of Clue to unravel a murder.  Written & Directed by Britt Chandler Johnson and starring: Stephanie Bashall, Courtney Capek, Britt Chandler Johnson, & Jake Williamson

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Alistair's Wednesday

Edited by Kaia Rose

This SAG short film is about a twenty-something hypochondriac who fears she may be suffering from mental illness when the rash spreading on her back can be seen by no one.  Alistair's Wednesday is written by Anna Megan Becker and directed by Eric Mann.  It has been chosen as official selections at film festivals such as NYCIFF, Laguna Film Festival, the Open Door Showcase, and Los Angeles CineFest.

Looking Forward to Yesterday

edited by kaia rose and nick wilding

This short film was written and directed by myself and Nick Wilding as part of our undergraduate dissertation project at the University of Bristol.  Shot with a skeleton crew (aka - me and Nick) in Bath and Bristol, we edited it together and it was screened at Rooftop Films in NYC and distributed by IndieFlix online.