Me and New York City


It has been 2 months since I arrived in New York but now that I have my own room and have registered to vote, I am starting to feel like an official resident.  Here are some ways in which I have become fond of this crazy city:

 - a plethora of cafes.  Fact: I have a coffee app that leads me to the nearest independent cafe and it is by far my most used app.

- walking.  Things are closer by foot than I think and the walk is always interesting.  Before the snow hits, I'm trying to walk as much as possible. 

- visitors.  Everyone wants to visit NYC so I am guaranteed a steady flow of visitors.  Huzzah. 

- protests.   Never again do I need to read about a protest happening in New York and wish I could've been there.  No excuses now.

- museums.  And in specific, 'pay what you wish' days at museums. 

- parks, squares and benches.  If there's a bench somewhere, even if it's in a 'park' between two lanes of traffic, chances are someone will be sitting on it.   New Yorkers love being outside.

- architecture.  It's amazing how a seemingly mundane building can be so beautiful if you only look up. 

- my brother.  After seven years of having the Atlantic ocean between us, now there's only two blocks.  Things are back to normal. 

- surprises.  I never cease to be surprised by this city, whether it's turning the corner and finding a cobblestone street that looks like it's been pulled directly from the 1850s or watching a nine-year-old boy keep perfect rhythm on the djembe while riding the subway. 

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