Macro vs. Micro

I've been thinking a lot about the concepts of macro and micro lately.  Not just in the sense of large and small, the difference in sizes does not incite my curiosity.  What does get my brain a-whirrin' is the way our country speaks about the state vs. the individual.  This argument is at the crux of the right/left divide but I'd never thought of it in the same terms as Macroeconomics and Microeconomics before.  I was listening to a debate on BBC Radio between Keynesians and Hayekians (yes that old debate that hasn't changed in 80 years) and the man arguing the Hayekian viewpoint was ranting about the government: why would we give this group of people the power to make decisions about our economic welfare as if they are more special than us or know better about our own wants/needs than we do??  And I wanted to tell him why: we have elected (yes, elected!) our government officials to make these big decisions on our behalf not because we think they are better than us - we have elected them to see the big picture.  As we all make our little micro decisions in our little micro worlds, we need someone seeing things from a macro point of view; it is very difficult to see both at once.  So when it comes to Macro vs. Micro - I think we need people attending to both.  But we as the micro contingent of this country need to allow the government to move forward with their macro decisions.  That's what we elected them for.

Kaia RoseComment