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Climate Countdown

An award-winning web-series that maps out the ecology of climate solutions.

Climate Countdown works out what scientists, activists, policy makers and citizens are actually doing to tackle the problem of climate change. Filmed across a dozen countries (and counting), we examine different facets of this complex issue and break it down into bite-sized bits.  With 15 episodes in season 1 and 18 film festivals under our belt, we are currently in production on season 2, which has already won awards at five festivals.

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Alongside full Climate Countdown episodes, we released 'post-it' sized episodes that synthesized information on a specific topic or from a certain interview into a 30sec to 1min shareable digestible clip.  One of our mottos for Climate Countdown was, if you can put it on a post-it, then anyone can understand it!


Short doc about a 115-year-old Japanese sweet shop in downtown LA; in post production

COP of Coffee

COP of Coffee was a daily morning show I produced and presented for Citizens' Voice at the Paris Climate Summit known as COP21.  Each day, over coffee, we discussed a new facet of what was happening in and around the COP with different stakeholders, covering topics from the Paris Agreement to Oceans to Indigenous Rights.  Thousands of people converged on Paris for COP21 and this was our way of capturing the immediacy and the enormity of the event.

Espresso Shots

Along with full episodes, we produced short 'Espresso Shots' to keep up with the fast pace of events at COP21.