Avoiding the risks of climate change

Another essay for How To Change The World - many have reported on the difficulty of getting people to focus on climate change because it’s such a long-term problem. For this piece I described two techniques I have found useful in getting people to either change the pattern of their own energy consumption or to advocate for public policies that address environmental threats.     

For an additional assignment, I used photos and sound recordings from my recent experiences at the climate marches in New York City to create a small video for those who weren't there:

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The role of political will in eliminating disease

Jim Kim, president of the World Bank Group, ascribed much of the success of the fight against HIV/AIDs to a political movement that pushed powerful groups to deal with this health crisis. For this essay we were asked to describe at least two other examples in which political or social mobilization has had an important impact on fighting disease.

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Why empowering women is so powerful

The final essay I wrote for How To Change The World.  We were asked to describe at least two examples from different parts of the world in which building capacity for women and girls has turned out to be an effective strategy of enhancing health and well-being for a society more generally.

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Essays from "How To Change The World"

While enrolled in "How To Change The World" at Wesleyan University, we were asked to write a number of short essays on topics such as Common Goods, Climate Change, Women's Empowerment, Global Disease and Poverty - so I thought I'd share some of them here.

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